Mersin-Yumuktepe a Reappraisal

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pp. 176, 21 x 28 cm, illustrato

Collana del Dipartimento di Beni Culturali n° 12

Preface; VELI SEVIN, Introduction; PART I: CHRONOLOGY AND STRATIGRAPHY: ISABELLA CANEVA, BRUNO MARCOLONGO, The history of the mound; ISABELLA CANEVA, The early human occupation (7000-6000 BC); ISABELLA CANEVA, Of terraces, silos and ramparts (6000-5800); ISABELLA CANEVA, The Citadel Tradition (5000-4200 BC); VELI SEVIN, KEMALETTIN KÖROGLU, Late Bronze Age at Yumuktepe: new evidence from Step-Trench South; VELI SEVIN, TÜLAY ÖZAYDIN, Iron Age levels; GÜLGÜN KÖROGLU, Yumuktepe in the Middle Ages; Part II: TECHNOLOGY AND BEYOND: FRANCESCA BALOSSI, The pottery production of levels XXVII-XXVI; MARTA ZAMBELLO, The use of obsidian and flint at prehistoric Yumuktepe: an overview; MARIA ROSA IOVINO, Use wear trace analysis on obsidian tools from the Early Neolithic of Yumuktepe; GIROLAMO FIORENTINO, The Botanical View of Food and Landscape at Yumuktepe; HILKE BUITENHUIS, Yumuktepe: The importance of Yumuktepe in the origin and spread of animal domestication; PART III: CONCLUSION: ISABELLA CANEVA, VELI SEVIN, Mersin-Yumuktepe: a reappraisal.
Autore: a cura di Isabella Caneva – Veli Sevin
Anno: 2004
Codice ISBN: 8880865552

Mersin-Yumuktepe a Reappraisal

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